HelpTody Incorporated

'Helping the Needy and the Less Privileged Find a New Lease of Life.' This is our Mandate. With Your Support We Can Restore Hope to the Hopeless.

Recent Donations: ASHBURN Chemical Technologies

On September 27th 2022, ASHBURN Chemical Technologies, the supplier of FLUID360 and FACILITYCARE360, donated several boxes of Hand Sanitizers and Dispensers to HelpToday Incorporated. This is a noteworthy event and we say a big, 'Thank you' to the management and staff of this great company for identifying with the needy and the less priviledged around us. We also use this opportunity to thank PayPal and the rest of our donors who have supported our course through the years.

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Our counselling sessions are anchored in our belief in the ALMIGHTY GOD... 

Food Distribution

Food Distribution

Feeding the poor and homeless in our community: We continue to feed... 



'It is not how much you give, but how much love you put into... 

  • Your Mandate. Our Mandate.

    “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”
    ―Winston Churchill

  • Help Today

    As moments change into hours, and hours into days and
    weeks; despair and hopelessness and pain set in for some. The world around suddenly becomes darker and darker as they lose grip of something or someone so dear. But, there is a GOD, in the heavens, WHO watches over the affairs of men. HE brings hope and help when all hope and help is lost. HE is the ALMIGHTY.

  • Change

    CHANGE is constant, and inevitable. Help today, to effect a CHANGE tomorrow.

Make a Difference.

“Giving, is a bank account we open for ourselves; which continues to fill up to children's children." As we transition through life, a time comes when we need one help or the other, and wish for someone to help. Lend a helping hand today, for your guarantee of help tomorrow.


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Due to shortage of resources, we have temporarily put on hold the...